The Pilgrim’s Progress - Interactive 3D Book App

Pilgway is glad to present its interactive book application project based on The Pilgrim’s Progress novel by John Bunyan. Designed for Ipad, the application is already available on AppStore

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Suggested Age Group: 9 to 12
Languages: English

Regarded as one of the most significant works in religious English literature, The Pilgrim’s Progress written by John Bunyan, has been translated to more than 200 languages and has never been out of print since it was first published in 1678. Our adaptation of this classic features custom 3D animation, story-line interactivity, captivating original music, and optional narration that will be sure to captivate young readers time and time again.

When the protagonist, Christian, realizes the burden upon his back can only be removed by fleeing his home – the City of Destruction – he begins an epic journey toward the City of Zion. Consulting the “book in his hand” for guidance, Christian encounters a host of characters and challenges along his journey. Will Christian remain upon the path, or will he be overwhelmed by the hardships he faces at each turn?

Created by Pilgway studio in collaboration with Nation9

The Pilgrim’s Progress App page on Nation9 website

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Customer Reviews on AppStore:

Must have for kids of all ages - 5
My kids loved it. Great to see such cool implementation of one of my all time favorite stories. They definitely did it justice with this app. I hope they do more classics.

Intuitive, Creative, & Inspiring - 5
by Kyleyoyoyo
It's very well put together app with excellent voice acting and animation. Kept my lil one interested all the way through. Highly recommend. One of the best educational kid books out there and a brilliant retelling of a classic.